Make a great first impression on applicants

We have taken the comfort of submitting applications to a new level.

Comfort for students

Comfort for students came first. We've simplified filling in and we've provided support for mobile devices.

Perfect clone

Obmedzili sme vypisovanie, nie údaje. Centrálna elektronická prihláška kopíruje papierovú prihlášku MŠVVaM 1:1.

100% compatibility

Data from applications will be sent to your academic IS. Thanks to the cooperation with the developers AIS2, MAIS, UIS and the academic IS of University of Zilina, the transfer of data to the academic IS is problem-free.

Completely free for universities

University does not pay any license fees when using Central electronic application. All references to fees related to the admission procedure are made by individual universities.

Connect to the central application

Sample image from the application PrihlaskaVS.
Sample image from the application PrihlaskaVS.
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